Jennifer Olsson, Designer and CEO of the Shears

About Montana Bison Fashion & Furs

Montana Bison Fashion & Furs (formerly, Montana Sweater Co.) of Bozeman, Montana, works with local ranchers who raise sheep, alpaca, and bison. After the fibers are gathered, they are milled and spun into yarn—in Montana and at other mills in the US.
These natural yarns are enthusiastically knit by Montanans into warm wonderful sweaters, vests, coats, hats, mittens, purses, and fun one-of-a-kind accessories. In 2016 we changed our name to more accurately define our focus; products knit and designed with bison fiber and fur.

How it Happens

Ranched Bison helped the bison population grow from near extinction in 1900 (only 300)  to over 500,000 in North America today.  As a member of the Montana Bison Association, Montana Bison Fashion & Furs has developed relationships with bison ranches across Montana.  All bison are humanely managed with  their health and well being given the utmost priority.  When Montana Bison Fashion & Furs began in 2006, most all bison hides went unused, deposited in landfills, or left outside to rot.  We helped create a new niche market to further the use of our great national icon.