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Wendy Marquis at the easel

Wendy Marquis

Montana Bison Fashion & Furs, Presents the Art of Montana Artist, Wendy Marquis

Wendy (Miller) Marquis grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, surrounded by art and artists. Her mother, Arline, owned Gallery Vendome in downtown Pittsburgh, and her childhood home was filled with art including signed serigraphs and lithographs by Miró, Picasso and Dali. Family friend Marcel Marceau, the famous mime and also an accomplished painter, was often a dinner guest. Wendy’s father, Charles, was a prosthodontist who assisted the make-up department in the creation of decayed teeth for the leads in the Oscar-winning film, Amadeus.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

Wendy attended The School of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, before graduating with degrees in graphic design and studio art from the University of Arizona. After college she worked for a design studio in Boston, then married, moved to New Hampshire and started her own design business. That’s when she also began faux finishing and painting murals. The Inn at Church Landing, in Meredith, New Hampshire, discovered Wendy’s talent and soon their walls became her canvas as well as their headboards, breakfast bars, chair backs, cabinetry, floor cloths and paneled cupboards.

In 2006 Wendy moved from New Hampshire to Montana with her husband and two-teenage daughters when her husband’s job brought them west. She continued painting murals, and several of her works can be seen around Bozeman, but there came a day when she felt compelled to begin painting her new-found home.

Leaving It All Behind

Leaving It All Behind

Landscapes are a favorite subject, and she masterfully captures the essence of clouds and sky even though early on she thought her mind was playing tricks on her.  “Since arriving in Montana my work has gotten brighter and crisper; it’s because of the light. At first I felt my skies were way too blue, but then I went outside to check, and sure enough, the sky really was that blue.”

One day, while scouting for subject matter, a rusted ’37 GMC truck sunk in the ground with the Bridger Mountains in the distance called her name.  “Everything about that scene was right; the light, the shadow, the colors. Bridger GMC won an annual cover contest for American Artist’s Watercolor Magazine. After that I became more aware of the abandoned trucks, the grain bins, the man made structures that have redefined what was once a wilderness. I saw those metallic monuments as telling a story about the land and the people who were here, and who are still here.”

A series of truck paintings followed. She discovered them in junkyards, behind buildings or often just sitting and rusting where they quit, generations of field mice living in the front seat. She painted them as she found them, or when hay bales or a field needed company, she painted them into scenes to please the composition. Soon, a new group of fans became interested in Wendy’s art.

Awards: “Santa’s Little Helpers” was chosen as the winner of the Bozeman Christmas Stroll 2013 poster contest / “Bridger GMC” was chosen as the winner of the cover competition for “American Artist’s Watercolor Magazine” summer 2011 issue.

Wendy work is held in private collections, and shown at numerous galleries throughout the United States, including: Montana, Ontario, Canada, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, Lubbock, Texas.


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