Antlers, Elk Teeth, and Falling Leaves Leggings

You like the feel of kicking through a pile of leaves. Take that feeling with you in every step this season with these unique leggings. Plains Native Americans knew how to keep warm and you will see cloth and/or leather leggings in their historic dress. These leggings, or boot blankets, are made with thick and sturdy felted bison/wool. Embroidered leaves are created with melton wools and calico cottons, that twirl at the end of brass swivel hooks. Hand cut and polished elk antler buttons and faux elk teeth scatter against the back ground enriching the feel of autumn in the wilderness. Knitted Bison Ranch Wool loops hook onto large elk antler buttons for closure. Piece is 17” high, 15.5” wide with room for a snug or loose fit as you can twist the closure loops to tighten and customize. Price includes USPS Priority Shipping.

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