Bison Scarf

Bison fur is soft;  say it again, bison fur is soft.  Personally selected strips of bison fur are chosen to be sewn into this fantastic looking and fantastically warm scarf.  It can be worn under a coat, jacket, or over a shirt or vest.  Two claps keep it in place, or you can wear it open at the neck.  Each piece is unique in color, and offered in two sizes.  Scarf is approx. 36" long, 4" wide, lined with non-pill poly fleece. We recommend, our new product, Lana's Natural Fur Care.  100% natural ingredients includes spray and a wire bamboo brush to a clean and freshen your bison fur.  If necessary, a reputable fur cleaner is recommended.Price includes USPS shipping. Handling Fee applies. Introductory sale price - just in time for Christmas! http:// Watch videos about the Bison Scarf    

$295.00 $195.00

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