Felted Bison Blanket – Sweater Patchwork

There have been knitting tests, knitting mistakes, felting accidents, all of them went into a box until one day I decide they would be great as a quilt.  Colorful Sweaters, hats, and mitts that didn't make it to a finished product were felted then arranged and sewn onto a warm felted bison wool throw.  Most of the knitted pieces are from hand-dyed Montana ranched wool.  The blues and purples and reds are vibrant.  Scraps of felted bison wool are also there.  It's heavier and thicker than the other quilts and had to be hand stitched. Felted bison blankets are  85% needle-felted bison fiber and 15% wool. The blanket is perfect for the couch, favorite chair, or even as a lap throw in the car.  46" X 43" just the right size to curl up under, decorate a wall, gift parents for a new baby...you decide. Price includes USPS shipping.  Handling fee applies at checkout.



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