The Lakota regarded the buffalo as a gift of the Great Spirit and viewed them as a relative. Whenever one was killed, its sacrifice was honored as a blessing from the Tatanka Oyate.  To the Lakota, these magnificent animals sustained all life.  Native American folklore, frequently associated the bison with strength, endurance, and protection. I discovered an old bison symbol on an antique Lakota cradle board shown at a gallery in Bozeman, Montana.  The bison's horns were elongated, and the shape of the head was simplified.  Borrowing from that idea, I created an appliqué to adorn this melton red wool cape with removable bison fur collar. Hoof prints trot throughout the cape, complimentary patterned fabric, found in Sweden, lines the inside.  This one-of-a-kind piece fits narrow and large shoulders, and will protect you in the dark of winter. Bison fur can be simply cleaned with Lana's Natural Fur Care; 100% natural ingredients includes spray and bamboo brush to and clean your bison fur after gentle wear.  If necessary, you may also have the bison cleaned by a specialized fur cleaner. Cape is dry clean only. Price includes USPS Priority Shipping.  Handling fee applies.


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