Wind Walker Bison Cape

JUST IMAGINE BECOMING THE WAY YOU USED TO BE AS A VERY YOUNG CHILD, BEFORE YOU UNDERSTOOD THE MEANING OF ANY WORD, BEFORE OPINIONS TOOK OVER YOUR MIND. THE REAL YOU IS LOVING, JOYFUL, AND FREE.  THE REAL YOU IS JUST LIKE A FLOWER, JUST LIKE THE WIND, JUST LIKE THE OCEAN, JUST LIKE THE SUN." -- Don Miguel Ruiz Our beautiful model is featured walking  the windy foothills of the Snow Crest Mountains, Montana.  This warm cape is designed with Italian woven wool featuring a removable bison-fur trimmed hood.  Lined with a soft sueded poly fabric, this ensemble wraps you in elegant comfort and warmth.  This one-of-a-kind piece fits narrow and large shoulders.  Cape is dry clean only.  Bison fur can be simply cleaned with Lana's Natural Fur Care; 100% natural ingredients includes spray and bamboo-wire brush to clean your bison fur after gentle wear (see below). If necessary, you may also have the bison cleaned by a pro fur cleaner.  Price includes USPS Priority Shipping.  Handling fee applies.      


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